Best Handbag Blogs

The best handbag blogs from around the world

Okay, finding great blogs is never easy. So many out there are littered with dull, sales pitches and paid links. Sure fashion, beauty and handbag bloggers need to make a living, but there’s an elegance and style expected of those contributing to this industry, in the same way they expect style, elegance and class in the products they review. So here, for starters, are what I consider to be the best handbag blogs.

The Purse Blog

I think you can guess, this isn’t just about handbags, but it contains a wealth of great information on handbags, and of course the essentials we like to keep in them.

Song of Style

It would appear just handbag blogs are difficult to come by. So we can’t overlook Song of Style.

Beige Renegade

Our favourite handbag colour!

Eat Wear Travel

Again we need to mix a bit of everyday style and fashion with our bags. Throw into the recipe a touch of food and you get the fabulous Eat Wear Travel.

Ann Kos

Bag to the classic blog platforms, Ann Kos nails it on Blogspot with a fantastic urban chic look at style.

Bag Snob

Just dedicated to bags… maybe not, but there’s a whole category on Bag Snob and well worth checking out.

Bag Bliss

Getting a little more focused on just the bags, it’s difficult not to mention Bag Bliss went searching for great blogs on handbags.


It’s not often a retailer nails it, but Portero have done a great job with their blog.

My Bag

As the name suggests, there’s everything you could ever hope for in my bag.

The Best Handbag Blogs?

I’ll happily add to this list, all I need are your suggestions on the best handbag blogs! If you’ve any thoughts or recommendations I’d love to hear them.